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Williamsburg, VA, 23187

Kevin P. Moran is currently a Graduate student in the Computer Science Department at the College of William and Mary currently pursuing a joint M.S. Ph.D degree and exploring areas of possible research.  




Kevin P. Moran has recently defended his Ph.D. Dissertation in the Computer Science Department at the College of William & Mary and will be joining the W&M CS Department in August 2018 as a Post-Doctoral Researcher.  He graduated with a B.A. in Physics and Computer Science from the College of the Holy Cross in 2013, and an M.S. in Computer Science from the College of William & Mary in 2015.  Kevin is a member of the SEMERU research group and advised by Dr. Denys Poshyvanyk. His main research interests include software engineering, maintenance, and evolution with a focus on mobile platforms. Additionally, he explores applications of data mining and machine learning to software engineering problems. 

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Office: McGlothlin Street Hall Rm 101-C, Williamsburg, VA, 23185

Email: kpmoran [at] cs [dot] wm [dot] edu

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-July 2018: Technical Paper entitled "Detecting and Summarizing GUI Changes in Evolving Mobile Apps" accepted to ASE'18!

-June 2018: Technical Paper entitled "Assessing Test Case Prioritization on Mutants and Real Faults" accepted to ICSME'18!

-May 2018: Journal First paper entitled "Machine Learning-Based Prototyping of Graphical User Interfaces for Mobile Apps" has been accepted to TSE'18!

-May 2018: I have successfully defended my Ph.D. dissertation and will be joining William & Mary as a Post-Doctoral Researcher in August 2018!

-May 2018: Technical Paper entitled "Discovering Flaws in Security-Focused Static Analysis Tools for Android using Systematic Mutation" accepted to USENIX'18!

-March 2018: Journal Paper entitled "How Do Static and Dynamic Test Case Prioritization Techniques Perform on Modern Software Systems? An Extensive Study on GitHub Projects" accepted to TSE'18!

-January 2018: Tool Demo Paper entitled "MDroid+: A Mutation Testing Framework for Android" accepted to ICSE'18!

-December 2017: Technical Paper entitled "Automated Reporting of GUI Design Violations for Mobile Apps" accepted to ICSE'18!

-July 2017: Paper entitled "How do Developers Test Android Apps" accepted to ICSME'17 Industry Track!

-June 2017: Paper entitled “Continuous, Evolutionary and Large-Scale: A New Perspective for Automated Mobile App Testing” accepted to ICSME'17!

-June 2017: Technical Paper entitled "Enabling Mutation Testing for Android Apps" accepted to ESEC/FSE'17!

-February 2017: Short Paper accepted to MobileSoft'17! Congrats to W&M undergraduate Richard Bonett on his first publication!

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